1. Call Handling & Outsourced Contact Centre Services - MPL Contact UK


    Our call handling services mean you can always be there for your customers or never miss an order again

    Call Handling
    Out of Hours
    Flexible Dedicated Resources


    How many sales could you be missing if your calls are not being answered?

    Call Answering

    Customer Service

    Professional and reliable contact centre customer service

    Help Desk
    Call Out & Escalation
    Customer Service Management

    MPL contact has provided outsourced contact centre services to businesses of all sizes and in all industries since 1994

    We are one of the UKs leading provider of outsourced contact centre solutions and are specialists in complex customer service provision, available 24 hours a day from our network of UK contact centres located in Nottingham, Belfast and Sutton Coldfield.

    Happy Clients

    Extremely satisfied clients love what we do for them so stay with us for the long term.

    Expert advice

    Happy, loyal & committed agents means we retain the best skills & knowledge.

    High performance

    Consistently high service levels achieved across all clients.

    Quality score

    95% of our agents achieve their qualityscore bonus.



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